AppLovin Playable Preview

Playable Preview Tool

Use the tool on this page to check whether your playable will execute correctly in the AppLovin SDK.

To use this tool, do one of the following:

  • Enter the URL of where your HTML playable is hosted and click Preview Playable, or
  • Upload a file containing your HTML playable by dragging-and-dropping that file to the field below, or by clicking Click here to upload and selecting that file from your local file system.

Your playable will begin to execute in a simulated device screen on this page. Test your playable there to see that it behaves as expected. Click Rotate to also test your playable in the landscape orientation. When you click the call to action in your playable, this tool should display the message “You have successfully clicked.” If it does not, your playable will also not function correctly in the AppLovin SDK.

In some circumstances, a playable behaves properly when you test it on this page but fails to work correctly on real-world devices. For this reason, after you successfully test your playable on this page, you should also test it in the Playable Preview App, which better simulates the real-world environment in which your playable will execute.

Playable Preview App

Use the Playable Preview App to test whether your playable will execute correctly in the AppLovin SDK. This app is available for iOS and Android.

After you install that app, reload this page by using this link, or append “&qr=1” to the URL of this page and reload it. Then enter your playable’s URL or upload its HTML source code as before. This time, below your playable’s preview, you will see a QR code representing your playable.

Open the Playable Preview App and use it to scan that QR code. Your playable then opens in the Playable Preview App. Test your playable to see that it behaves as expected. Test both in landscape and in portrait orientations. Rotate your device during your test to ensure that your playable reorients itself correctly. Click your playable’s call to action: if your playable is working correctly, you should see the message “You have successfully clicked.”

Playable Guidelines

  • Your playable must be a single HTML file with no external references (any images should be base64-encoded).
  • Your playable must support MRAID v2.0.
  • Your playable must support both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • AppLovin renders the Close button (do not add your own).
  • The click-through must redirect directly to the app store by means of
  • Your playable should be smaller than 5MB.
  • If you use WebGL, periodically check if WebGL is available if the initial check fails.
  • The playable ad timer does not start until the first user interaction.
  • Do not execute any JavaScript code that modifies or references the DOM until the MRAID ready event fires.
  • Disable the playable's sound until the first user interaction.
  • Disable the playable’s sound when your playable closes.
  • Playables should be a single in-line HTML file (no external references and images should be base64 encoded)
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