AppLovin Playable Preview

Playable Preview Tool

Upload your HTML file or your hosted HTML URL to be tested. NOTE: when the call to action within your playable is clicked, it should display a success message provided by this tool. If it does not, your playable will not function correctly in our SDK.

Playable Preview App

This preview tool is an easy check to make sure that the Playable should behave appropriately within the AppLovin SDK. That being said, there are some circumstances where a playable will behave properly in this tool but still have issues on real devices. AppLovin has playable preview apps for iOS and Android. To use these apps, append "&qr=1" to the URL of this page. When the playable URL is entered, this page will generate a QR code which can be read by the Playable Preview App. Make sure to rotate the device after previewing your playable to ensure device rotation works correctly.


  • Playables should be a single in-line HTML file (no external references and images should be base64 encoded)
  • Ads should support MRAID v2.0
  • Ads support both landscape and portrait orientations
  • We will render the Close button (so please do not add your own)
  • Click-through should redirect directly to the app store using
  • Please keep filesize under 5MB
  • If using WebGL, periodically check if WebGL is available if the initial check fails
  • Playable ad timer doesn't start until after user interaction occurs
  • All javascript code executed to display ad and reference DOM should happen after mraid ready
  • Ad sound should disable once ad is closed
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